Website usability: optimise the experience - don't ask users again for data you've already got

Clicking an online advertising banner for Nike ID, I noted something interesting: Nike already knew where I was and my language preference (supplied by either Google AdWords page context or Geolocation), yet they required me to take the time to give them the same information again in order to progress to their site.

The Nike URL was:


Leading to this screen:


Vaguely related: epractice.eu: Flemish authorities pledge never to ask for information they already have:
The new eGovernment Decree commits the Flemish authorities to never requesting particular information from citizens that is already available in government databases.


When a public authority needs information, it usually asks citizens and companies directly for it. However, this information is often already held by another Flemish or federal authority. We want to get rid of this [multiple] information flow [...]

What people believe in depends on where they're born

This map was recently published at the Times' "Faith Central" blog, highlighting a few interesting tidbits: science evolves and scientists of the (whole) world generally update their knowledge while religion is highly regional and individuals' beliefs depending mostly on their parents and where they were born: (click to zoom)

Religious Beliefs based on place of birth (Source: The Times, no source or license given) - Click to zoom

Cartoon characters Jesus and Mo's atheist barmaid articulates the religious faith versus "science faith" equivocation fallacy well in this cartoon strip.

Equivocation - the misleading use of a term with more than one meaning (by glossing over which meaning is intended at a particular time).


What is a NUF? - Norskregistrert utenlandsk foretak

Norskregistrert utenlandsk filial, Norskregistrert utenlandsk foretak or NUF is a Norwegian term meaning Norwegian Registered Foreign Company. NUF are basically Norwegian branches of foreign companies.


The number of NUFs increased phenomenally since the millennium. The main reason is first and foremost not actual foreign companies setting up branches in Norway, but Norwegian residents setting up inactive countries abroad and then forming a Norwegian branch of the same company.


Norway is one of the last few remaining countries in Europe maintaining the requirement for an annual audit for all national limited companies (AS and ASA) regardless of the size or turnover of the company. Even dormant companies must maintain a company auditor and file audited accounts. Having noted how this has caused a massive increase in the number of NUFs, the Ministry of Finance in 2007 decided to conduct a full review of the burdens imposed on Norwegian AS companies, and in particular consider whether the requirement for an annual audit for small companies should be relaxed or removed all together.

Source: Wikipedia: Norskregistrert utenlandsk foretak


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  • Since Darwin's death, Dawkins points out, the evidence confirming his discovery has piled up and up and up, [...]. And yet heroically, many still dispute it. They're like couch potatoes watching Finding Nemo on DVD who've suffered some kind of brain haemorrhage which has led them to believe the story they're watching is real, that their screen is filled with water and talking fish, and that that's all there is to reality - just them and that screen and Nemo [...]


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